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T. Adeyemi: The Man Behind the Pen

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 8, 2010

T. Adeyemi

Three words I’m looking to eliminate from my vocabulary in 2010: Definitely, Doubt, & Fail. Not to say that I have ever been a negative person, but I realized the more I grow and move forward in this life that there are a few things I can depend on. First, almost nothing can be assured as a definite. From my experience when someone tells you, “I can definitely…” what they really mean is, “I’m going to see what I can do.” Thus, definitely I will not allow their false assurance stray me from what it is I am looking to accomplish. In my eyes one of the most overlooked characteristics of a prosperous person is self-sufficiency. Without drive & determination internally it is hard to imagine being able to stay in a position that someone helped you to get to.

Unlike definitely, doubt carries much more of a personal meaning for me. At times doubting my own abilities has prevented me from reaching further towards my desires. Self doubts can take a person’s potential and quickly diminish it to what could have been. When you think about the landscape of music and entertainment in general, it seems potential is the key to success. No athlete, rapper, singer, even reality star would have ever gotten their opportunity in the spotlight if someone did not first believe that they were full of potential. Doubting your own potential is the easiest way to keep your dreams, dreams.

My grandfather told me one time, “Son, when you don’t get the result you were hoping for make sure its never because you stopped yourself from achieving it. If you didn’t, then you can live with the fact that you didn’t fail; you just ran out of time or came up short.” His sentiments have always stuck with me throughout my life, especially in the times where I “came up short.” So every time one of my professors gave me a failing grade and they asked me “What happen?” I simply replied, “I ran out of time to come up with a better cheat sheet, OBVIOUSLY.”

But on a much more serious note I have made my own secret list of goals and expectations for 2010 and forward in my life. I must say that I have been pretty good at reaching my goals thus far, so I see no reason why this year will be any different. I felt the need to give this introduction of who I am because I feel like any person that provides their opinion in their craft is obligated to give some reason for why it is they feel that way. No one is immune from their past and upbringing affecting the decisions they make through life. So when I tell you LiL’ Wayne is not the greatest MC of all-time, or that America is retarded for making talentless people Superstars, or even that Barack Obama isn’t always right. Just know that its because of where I come from.

Sometimes when I’m driving alone I find myself reaching into my glove compartment to find that scratched up and over played copy of my Anthony Hamilton – Coming From Where I’m From CD. At this point, I don’t push into the CD player just hoping it will play one last time for me because its full of “good music.” Nope, I’m playing it right now because I’m inspired by the message. “Coming From Where I’m From” reminds me of my inner battles and struggles. After all, I think comedian D.L. Hughley described determining how you become you best by saying, “You ain’t nothing but a sum-total of your life’s experiences. That’s all you are, all you are is the shit you been through. And that’s the way you see the world.” Real talk D.L., if I may second that one time.

In 2010 to replace the three words I have already eliminated I plan on reiterating four other words instead: Dedication, Commitment, Struggle, & Success. More than words to me, these are principles. Because the struggle can be won with commitment to finding a way through the fire, and having dedication towards your goals and abilities, and in the end the struggle will be conquered by success.

Much Love and Appreciation to Liadi Onitiri for displaying commitment, Dj Tay James for showing me success, and Justin Tinsley for the tremendous dedication to your craft.

So if you don’t agree with my view, or you don’t share my opinion…Just know its because you’re not coming from where I’m from.


One Response to “T. Adeyemi: The Man Behind the Pen”

  1. Halima said

    Excellent article! I love the idea of removing three ‘negative’ terms and replacing them with four terms that will aid in significant success. Bravo!

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