Grade A Certified

The King’s Back

Posted by Okla Jones on December 22, 2009

“The Kiiiinnnngggg’s Back!!!” – Swizz Beatz

Well ladies and gentleman, according to new reports, a publicist for Grand Hustle confirmed that Clifford ‘Tip’ Harris has been released from prison. BET stated that he was released from Arkansas Forrest City prison earlier today, and is in Atlanta in a halfway house set to serve the remainder of his prison sentence.

It’s ironic that early this morning I found myself riding to work bumping T.I.’s most cohesive album, Trap Muzik. This album was a testament to every young black male growing up below the Mason-Dixon line. The struggle of everyday life, mixed with the temptation of the streets can cause many of our youth to be pulled into the “Trap”. Trap Muzik has served to be not only classic with southern listeners; but for fans of hip-hop music alike. Now that Tip is out of prison, many of his fans will have many more classic albums to look forward to. Good luck pimp’n…

…Oh yeah, peep “Doin’ My Job” on Trap Muzik if you haven’t already heard.

– Oak


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