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Grade A: Grown Folk’s Business x Ginuwine- Next Door

Posted by Mr. Put On on December 21, 2009

There’s something refreshing about refined vocal ability, paired with lyrical prowess. This combination is like fine wine– “It gets better with time.” It comes as no surprise to me that the best artists, the best selling artists, the most respected artists, are all of the previous generation. Let’s just take a look at the numbers:

On July 7, 2009 Maxwell released BLACKsummers’night. Seven days later 316,500 copies of that album were in the streets and no longer on shelves. They were in the cars , zunes, and ipods of some thousands of people. Needless to discuss the numbers of people who only decided to download the album. His promo was not over the top, in fact, it was only subtle promotion that he received before his album hit stores.

On August 31, 2009 Trey Songz released Ready. Seven days later 132,800 copies of that album were everywhere you can think of. With consideration, his fan base is by far a population of downloaders and Torrent finders. Still, the sheer numbers bring me to give you an analogy.

You can take this directly, or just let the thought marinate. As a consumer, what are you more willing to buy? An item that you like, or an item that you must have? Neither of these items are necessities, so then we get into a conversation of basic business (finance, marketing, and economics).

The job of finance in this discussion is to assess the future value of $1 spent. So for those of you who don’t understand this concept, we’ll make this a qualitative assessment. In the future, what do you feel the value of each dollar you spent on the album you purchase will be. In other words, a year from now, will you still be happy that you bought that album? Will you still play it? (The whole way through.) Will you still enjoy it?

Marketing’s purpose for our sake, is to deliver an album and display to you, all of its value. It takes all of the good things in an album, show’s it to you and hopes that you make your purchase based on the “value added” method. It’s like when you watch the movie trailers/previews; then you go to the movie theater to watch it, and realize all of the good parts were in the trailer. Well that’s marketing. The less marketing you need to do with greater ROI (Return on Investment.. So when you do little marketing and get GREATER turnout) than the competition, the more superior your product is e.g. vs.<–Take that last sentence and apply it to the paragraph AFTER this next one.

The role of economics here is to give a simple assessment of supply vs. demand. I’m sure not everyone is a micro-/macro- economic expert. So once again we’ll make this a simple qualitative discussion. If the demand in the music market is for quality music and you have quality music then you’re in high demand. In today’s music market, there is a surplus of music in general, but a great deficit in quality music. This leaves the musical consumer not only waiting for new quality music, but willing to go to the store and make the purchase.

Maxwell’s previous album was released in 2001. So with practically no buzz or associated acts (no big features, hadn’t been on anyone elses tour, and wasn’t expected to feature on anyone’s album) Maxwell was able to capitalize on his reputation and one HELL OF A SUPER SLAM BAM THANK YOU MAM hit Single in Pretty Wings. Those two things almost solely brought him to atleast double the sales of the more popular Trey Songz.

It says something about the quality and timeliness of your work, when an artist like Justin Bieber, who is not too far from the bottom of the promotion ladder over at Island Def Jam can sell 137,000+ albums in his first week. (Note: See Above, Trey Songz sold less). Now clearly there are some other factors in this comparison but when it’s all said and done, who do you think is in greater demand, Bieber or Songz? (Good argument huh?)

Dare I add Whitney Houston to this conversation?– I think I won’t even go there.

So with all that said, listen to this Ginuwine, definitely gives some feeling back to R&B. Also, I’m tired and don’t want to write anymore.

DL: Ginuwine – Next Door

Note to Aspiring Artists:

Stop worrying about putting out the music. Take the time to craft it, to perfect it. With age, it only gets better. Look at all of the producers and ghost writers turned artists, and look at their success. They gave themselves ample time to get good at what they do. Stop rushing to drop music, THINK, hold some tracks sometimes, release things with some thought– don’t just put it out because its fresh out the studio. Let your fan base anticipate, let them ask YOU when your putting out more music. Lil Wayne has had his time to perfect his craft, and has the studio in his basement and never leaves it. He has the time, energy, and ability to flood you all with music. Even that isn’t mindless musical release. Even he puts thought into it. It’s almost 2010 people. Get SMART, college degrees are IN. 9-5’s are a necessity. Handle your business people. That’s Grown Folk’s Business.

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