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Sade – Soldier of Love

Posted by Mr. Put On on December 8, 2009

So, I think you all get the point about me being busy. So of course this had to some real Grade A Certified stuff. Now, a lot of people are pretend Sade fans and say they listen to her music yadda yadda yadda. The reason I have such an affinity for Sade is because my mother (may she rest in eternal peace) played Sade constantly, it was her calm. Here’s how you’ll know who’s who. Sade isn’t a downloadable artist, she’s an artist, similar to Maxwell, whose album you go and buy, sit down with yourself, put it in the CD player, and listen to; in complete silence (with some candles lit, in the jacuzzi/tub, after a long day/week, with your glass of Moscato).

So the 7 ensuing days after February 8th (the release date for Soldier of Love), we will find out who Sade’s true fans are, the people who appreciate her art form. I say “art form” because the music Sade creates is more than just music — in the contemporary sense. It is an artform, an actual creative piece. Now you listen to this song and tell me what other mainstream artist at this moment can put you at one with yourself. Can make you feel as though your standing in an art museum, and the exhibit is of yourself, your life, your loves, and your passions. Think about that long and hard as you ponder that over this song.

Sade – Soldier of Love


One Response to “Sade – Soldier of Love”

  1. […] Sade without a doubt has always been one of my favorite artists. Mainly I would have to credit my mother with blessing me with the opportunity to hear her music at an early age. Growing up to the sounds of Sade, Maxwell, Phyllis Hyman, and many others helped to shape my musical mindset. So as you can imagine I was more than thrilled when my fellow Nigerian brother LiadPutUOn let me know that Sade was releasing her new album Soldier of Love. […]

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