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LaShanna Armour “Shanna Sweet” – December Featured Model

Posted by Mr. Put On on December 5, 2009

It’s been since October that we introduced you to our last Grade A Model of the Month. Consider this our apology. It’s been busy and we’re kind of picky/selective (well I mean clearly, we only choose the Grade A ones). Now we have a good number of upcoming models so we won’t be missing a beat. We’re thinking about starting up the Male Models section too, just because they’re models too, and because that’s what the ladies want to see. (I’m a marketer, consumer relations and customer satisfaction is my specialty.) Also, we will be increasing the diversity of our models. Big, small, black, white, yellow, green, short hair, long hair, no hair, as long as your work is Grade A, we want you. If you’re not in school, don’t be scared away by the “current school/class” thing. Send your photos! Also, photographers, don’t be afraid to send in your models’ work, we take those too. So make sure to e-mail 5 or 6 of your Professional photos to so that you can be considered.

Now for the feature presentation- December’s Grade A Model of the month LaShanna Armour aka Shanna Sweet. She’s quite the addition to our Grade A Model series. Steadily trying to improve, and grinding to make things happen for herself she exemplifies the qualities of a Grade A Model. She is continuously hard-working, and works to perfect her craft. What more can you ask for? Make sure you check her out on Model Mayhem, Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook. Now hit the jump for the reason you’re even looking at this!

Name: LaShanna Armour
Nickname: Ms. Shanna Sweet
Age: 20
Hometown: Union, NJ
Current School/Class: Kean University/Junior
Major: Marketing
Favorite meal: Cou Cou and flying fish.  It is actually the national dish from Barbados in which that is  where my mother is from.  It’s great and everyone should try it!

Career Goals: I plan on being a marketing consultant or apart of a market research team in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Modeling Goals: I would like to do print work, enter the music video world, continue to do swimwear, and get into hosting events.  These all sound extremely exciting!!!

Current Favorite Music Album: Ready by Trey Songs

What do you consider ‘Grade A’?: Grade A in school was the best grade possible.  That means you are smart, talented, and you have experience in your field.  You also consist of Body, Brain, and Beauty which is not a common mix.

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4 Responses to “LaShanna Armour “Shanna Sweet” – December Featured Model”

  1. D Dotta said

    Oh Have Mercy! ShoRty (no excuse me) LaShanna, you look stunning and amazing in these photos. And more importantly I am intrigued by all of your answers to the questions. I only hope the men at Kean University are not missing out on all that you have to offer.

    On a Sidenote: Man ya’ll have GOT TO KEEP these Grade A Models coming! No complaints lol

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  3. Lashanna said

    Please delete this

  4. LaShanna Armour said

    Please delete this post of myself. Thank you

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