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R.I.P Randy “Fidel Cashflow” Walker

Posted by lovelyboricua24 on November 14, 2009

R.I.P. Randy Walker. There are no words to say, just prayers that need to be answered. Thank you for blessing us with your presence. You’re with the angels now. Prayers go out to the Walker family and friends.

Note from Mr. Put On: This is a very personal loss for me. Since hearing, I haven’t been able to come to terms with this. Randy Walker aka Fidel Cashflow isn’t a person who lived recklessly, engaged in life threatening activities, or clashed with anyone. He ALWAYS carried a smile on his face and looked forward to more promising things to wipe away any sorrows. He brightened up any occasion just by coming in the room, and goofing off as his normal self. If you’ve seen my twitter recently, you’d have read the numerous memories I’ve been thinking of. All of them were good times, all of them happy, and I looked forward to many more with him. It’s sad that you can take life for granted, because despite the loss the Hampton U. senior class took a few weeks ago in the life of Theo Smalling, I thought it couldn’t happen like that again. Instead, it happened, and even more tragic, and more personal.

Randy touched A Lot of people’s lives; not only did he touch them, but he brightened them. Everyone I spoke to about him has had the same things to say. It rings louder than any words that I can type hear to know that EVERYONE I’ve talked to about Randy’s passing was able to laugh with me about any given memory. It’s impossible to not think of Randy and smile. That was his gift, that was what he brought to this world, to all of us, and he shared it in abundance.

I say that I took him for granted because I never would have imagined he’d go; of all people, not him. I had expected to go back to Hampton and visit, Randy being one of the people I’d look forward to seeing; as well as look forward to seeing cross that stage at graduation in May. The way he was always there to make light of ANY situation was something I took for granted. His ability to show concern for your issues, without conveying his own, and then changing your mood into a more jovial one was something I took for granted.

Randy could do any dance, student center, living room, club, auditorium, middle of the street, wherever– he was always ready to dance and create a party from nothing. Anytime he had something negative to say, about any hardships he was going through, any problems he was having, he was always quick to follow them up with some jokes about it that would make us laugh and forget about the situation. Then we’d get to planning something fun for the night. It never failed, Randy was ready for anything as long as it involved genuine fun.

I knew Randy very well. I met his family back home in Detroit, he took me around his city, god forsaken Detroit which he repped always and forever with pride and confidence. He would have expected a win out of the Lions today despite their record and piss poor personnel. Still he loved his city, his state, even his region. He was a lover of many things. The endless discussions we had about how much he cherishes women, our mid day trips to subway, all the trash we loved to talk. I took it all for granted.

At any given moment Randy had my back, no matter what, he was always on my side. He was the truest of friends, you can’t ask for more. He was an extension of my family and always proved himself to be so. The advice he gave, the concern he showed, and the overall giving of himself was cognizant of a brother or close cousin.

When Randy found out I wasn’t coming back to Hamtpton this fall, he hit me up and expressed his disappointment. He told me “man we had plans, i dunno what they were… but we had plans, you gotta come back… you’re just jokin with me right Liad? You’re coming back…”. I told him I’d come down to see him, we’d hang no worries, I’d be down. I never made it down there. I was supposed to go for homecoming and never made it. Never got to hang out with him like he wanted, never came back. I took his presence for granted. Assumed he’d be there infinitely. I was wrong.

I’ve thought a lot about the people who I keep close to me, and have been thinking about how I’m going to see them all and how I’ll try not to take them for granted. The fact that we cannot forsee the future makes it easy day in and day out for us to take those around us for granted. Never do we expect such people to be gone permanently. It’s unfortunate that the saying “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” stands true, and continues to be affirmed daily.

It’s easier said than done, but try your best not to take your loved ones for granted. My heart goes out to his family, his parent, his brother, his cousin Marlin, and all of the friends he made in his tenure. Randy was very family centered and had a lasting effect on the happiness of the people around him. I’m gonna miss this guy. I love you man, fu8k the “No Homo” 🙂 — spread your happiness up there where you are, teach em how to Swing Dat, get it poppin, and kill em with them 1999 Usher dance moves.

P.S. You always asked me to play that Tone Tone during 12-2’s. I always said no. Well I played it on repeat for atleast 24 hours to hopefully atone for all the times I didn’t play it in the student center. Here it is in case anybody reading this wants to go ahead and share some of that music from the D. Oh and I’ll put “What Up Doe” in there for em’ too. I told you I know about the D man. We we’re supposed to go back to Leopard’s in Windsor. Now who’s gonna put the dirty dollar bill in they mouth and have the strippers dance on they face wit me.

Random guy in the hood corner store out Detroit: “Where you from?”

Me: “I’m from Jersey but uh…”

Random guy: “Oh you from Jersey? Yeah I got the Desert on me……”

Me: “Yeah but I been out here for a while on da Eastside”

Randy: “What he say to you?… Aww shit… Let’s go let’s go let’s go”

**You prolly saved my life that night. We always joked about it, but thank you. Thanks for all the good times you’ve brought to my life, and all the down days you helped cure with humor and an outlook towards “Better Days”.

Tone Tone – Jockin’


3 Responses to “R.I.P Randy “Fidel Cashflow” Walker”

  1. Juan said

    RIP …. whether it be basketball, girls, or just chilling wit da homies, u was my nigga. We joked and played around up until the last day i ever saw you. . . “Aight Randy, the lost Iota, Randy!” ….. man. if i only woulda known. . . Say wassup to Theo and yall watch over us Bruh. U know ur fam down here gon hold u down always…

  2. PGTheArtist said

    good piece brudda.
    Rest in Peace to my boy Randy. Always the clown, ALWAYS down to get into something fun..Wish u could have seen how many people was showin love in the SC today. Ur presence was definitely felt..i even brought the dougie out of retirement one time for u! i dont have nothing but good memories of this dude. Great dude, huge loss for everybody. Watch over us bro..

  3. liz said

    Wow, what an emotional and amazing tribute to your friend..couldnt even hold the tears back

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