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Tapemasters Inc. & Yo Gotti – 5 Star General

Posted by Mr. Put On on November 10, 2009

Please excuse me for being late on bringing this to you all. In my defense, I’ve been up north and haven’t had my normal southern influences to keep me up on the Grade A Southern flavor (i.e. Corey Clay). In addition, Yo Gotti has never been a mainstream rapper; though at one point he was a Ca$h Money member. Fresh out of Tennessee Yo Gotti brings us the reminder of why the south has taken the position it has in the hip-hop world. Besides the slew of dances and “ringtone rap” it has been quoted often that “The South has Something to Say”. I agree, although I’ll never let my southern counterparts know that to their face. (I just can’t live with them knowing I honestly get down with that country Nappy Rootness lol). Check out this Yo Gotti mixtape which takes us back to when the south was all about trappin, money, cars, Coogi, and ho**.

Props to for the look.

DL: Tapemasters Inc. & Yo Gotti – 5 Star General

Bonus reasons to DL:
Yo Gotti – Thinking About You (ft. Mario)

Yo Gotti – Ghetto (ft. Jody Breeze)

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