Grade A Certified

Grade A: Rekaste – Jambalaya “Savory Blend of Hip-Hop Infused Beats”

Posted by Mr. Put On on November 10, 2009

So my man Calypso hits my inbox with this Jambalaya stuff, right? I tell him I’ll take a listen. Mind you, I’m familiar with the REKASTE group members and I had heard their track Blade which I thought was nothing less than success. Let the right ears hear it, and these guys will be on! They come with an eclectic sound that you can’t even categorize. The closest comparison I can bring you is N.E.R.D, but even that parallel isn’t exact. A “savory blend of hip-hop beats” is pretty much the best way to describe Jambalaya. If you’re in the mood for something smooth, something good, and something different, then I suggest you take a listen. You’ll definitely enjoy it.

DL: Rekaste – Jambalaya (Mixtape)


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