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Priscilla Renea – Dollhouse (Video)

Posted by Mr. Put On on November 4, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now this is rather unlikely, so give me a break; but I seem to be pretty lady tot he game on this young lady. Thanks to my homegirl Ari over at YSS I’m now up to speed though. So it’s my turn to reciprocate and put you all on. Signed to Capitol Records, Priscilla Renea has Grade A written all over her.

Just watch the video. Here vocals are refreshing (but was that a hint of autotune??). Nonetheless, her lyrics on Dollhouse represents writing ability comparable to that of Ne-Yo. That’s a real bold statement too, because I can’t think of anyone who’s killing the writing game like that man. The funny thing is, I can relate to the song, just because guys do that. I’m sure I’ve made a woman feel like this before and it’s a rather common experience; still her presentation is so vivid. The video is exceptional and as I also said with the Young Dro ft. Yung LA I Don’t know yall – Video, “It’s style, quality, and concept reflect innovation and creativity in an industry that becomes ever more uniform.” Definitely look for more from Priscilla Renea soon and don’t be surprised to see an interview or feature here soon.


One Response to “Priscilla Renea – Dollhouse (Video)”

  1. Ian D. said

    This Girl is a Beeeast!
    she came and performed at my job and tore it down.I give her 1 year and she’ll be the hottest out. She’s better than alotta female artists out now cause she’s raw talent
    shouts out to my HU fam

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