Grade A Certified

Juvenile-Gotta Get It [Video] X Cocky&Confident (Cover+Tracklist)

Posted by Mr. Put On on November 4, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The return of Juvenile is definitely something Grade A. I once thought he was washed up and of no more relevance. Well lately, he’s proven me wrong. Take a look at this video and see for yourself. Juvenile is gearing up to release his 9th album Cocky & Confident and no, its not Cash Money. This single “Gotta Get It” definitely captures the theme and sets the tone for the album; set for release on December 1 of this year.

Of course he’ll be keeping it all the way south with his features which include B.G., Shawty Lo, Dorrough, Pleasure P, and Bobby V. Hit the jump to see the album cover, and the track listing. Make sure you note the “saints” emblem in the corner too, shout out to the N.O.

1. “Cocky & Confident”
2. “Gotta Get It”
3. “Back Back”
4. “We Be Getting Money” (featuring Shawty Lo, Dorrough & Kango Slim)
5. “Feeling Right” (featuring Cape, B.G. & Kango Slim)
6. “Hands On You” (featuring Pleasure P)
7. “Top of the Line”
8. “Alright” (featuring Jay Da Menace)
9. “It’s All Hood”
10. “My Money Don’t Fold” (featuring T Money & Kango Slim)
11. “All Over You” (featuring Kango Slim)
12. “You Can’t Stop Me” (featuring Partners-N-Crime & Youngin’)
13. “Break It Down” (featuring Q Corvette)
14. “I’m Out Chere” (featuring Rico Love)
15. “I’m Shining”
16. “I Say” (featuring Youngin’)
17. “Everything” (featuring Bobby Valentino)
18. “Listen” (featuring Q Corvette)


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