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Grade A: DJ Tay James – The Break Up Mixtape Hosted by Jeremih

Posted by Mr. Put On on November 4, 2009

Yes it is Hosted by Jeremih [….]. Oh what you thought Grade A wasn’t official? “Hater” [Jay-Z voice better yet, Kanye Voice]

Aww man! Cuffin’ Season is here. If you frequent this site, then that should be nothing new to you. You most likely got cuffed or cuffed someone up, based on the fact that we pointed out– it’s that season. Some of you went and dropped whoever you were with in order to cozy up with someone (or some people) else for the cold front that has began taken over. So what does this larger number of couplings mean? Nothing less than an increase in the number of break-ups on the horizon.

So if you just got left by your sig. other for someone else or your coming to realize mid season that you may have signed the wrong player to your team you might want to get this mixtape into rotation cause it’ll definitely numb some of your emotions. Earlier DJ Marvalous brought you Panty Droppas Vol. 2: “Vibrate Higher”, had you taken our advice and used it, then you probably had some real good nights “Vibrating Higher”. It’s reasonable and I can understand if your tired of it now; so just give him/her a copy of The Break Up Mixtape (brought to you by DJ Tay James) and part ways peacefully. (Hopefully they won’t try to stab you with a fork [smh].)

Oh and if none of this pertains to you, and your just a connoisseur of good music (or fully satisfied with your relationship/cuffin’ mate), well then here you go. Brought to you by Grade A – a part of our Grade A Mixtape series; free of charge – as usual.

DL: DJ Tay James – The Break Up Mixtape Hosted by Jeremih


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