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“Priceless, that’s why it’s free”- No Ceilings mixtape

Posted by lovelyboricua24 on November 2, 2009


“Prison in February, and I ain’t in no rush.” It’s  Wayne’s sarcastic, cocky flare, shown in lyrics like this, that make this mixtape so great. Those who know me know that I am a talker… I can talk just about any topic to death, but this mixtape had me speechless (well almost). It’s no secret that Wayne can ride a beat, but he took his skills to another level with this one. “Your beat isn’t safe,” he says and he wasn’t joking. It’s hard to keep up with Wayne’s mixtapes, considering he has so many out at the same time. With everything from The Leak to New Orleans Nightmare to The Drought  and so many others I am forgetting, Wayne can be hard to keep up with; this mixtape is definitely worth searching and downloading. With mixes of recent hits like “Wasted”, “Wetter” and “Ice Cream Paint Job”, the mixtape is filled with hits. (There is a complete track listing and link below) Wayne has put his best skills together all wrapped up in one mixtape: flow, witty lyrics and overall entertainment value. Not to mention that Wayne explores unknown territory on this mixtape, broadening his horizons to some beats that a lot of people would consider “untraditional” in Weezy’s sense. In the end, Wayne couldn’t have said it better, “I’m the best rapper alive.”

DL: Lil Wayne – No Ceilings (Official Mixtape)

01. Swag Surfin’
02. Ice Cream Paint Job
03. D.O.A.
04. Interlude
05. Wasted
06. Watch My Shoes
07. Break Up (feat. Short Dawg & Gudda Gudda)
08. Banned From TV
09. Throw It In The Bag (Remix)
10. I Think I Love Her (feat. Tyga & Shanell)
11. Interlude #2 (feat. Shanell)
12. Wetter
13. I’m Good (feat. T-Streets)
14. Poke Her Face (feat. Jae Millz)
15. Run This Town
16. I Gotta Feeling
17. Outro
18. No Ceilings (ft. Birdman)
19. Oh Let’s Do It
20. Single
21. Sweet Dreams (ft. Nicki Minaj)


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