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Timberland Re-Invented

Posted by twese on October 30, 2009

World, Let me first start by introducing myself, My name is Tobi Babajide, I go by the name Polo for those that are familiar. Im a 21 year old student pursing my goals and dreams, but most importantly I will be a guest writer on Grade A Certified in the fashion section. You will only find content in my posts, I am not going to put up just pictures, there is going to be a story behind every picture. You go on many fashion blogs and all you see are pictures of whats poppin and whats hot and the next best thing. I belive there is more to it than that. Eveything should have content.

Without Further ado, here is todays post.

Timberland is a company that has been a staple in the shoe industry for a number of years, but for a while now people have been shying away from putting on a pair of swamps or even the classic pair of constructs. Timberland was taken out of the “cool equation”. Why this happened? no one really knows, but i think it was because of the shift in fashion culture, people were tired of the regular swamps or the regular classic timberlands, People wanted their boots to have more style and attention to detail. Companies like Frye, Ransom, Steve Madden, Dr. Martens “got it” . They produced more fashion boots that had style but also had the rugged function some people look for.  Timerland must have realized that they were being left out of the “new” “cool” equation. So they went back to the drawing board and  re-invented their boots. They have added the cool, rough, and functional aspect to their boots. But its also important to remember that they did not get rid of the classic that people grew to love.

A Few from the 2010 Boot Collection


Men's Counterpane Cap Toe Chukka

The basic requirements of the industrial work force still have their place today. Unfinished edges, ghost stitching and worn details give each shoe a story related to the needs of that era—versatility, function and form. New fall varnishes looked worn, but well kept, as if valued over time. Imported.


  • Horween® premium full-grain leather, hand finished for a unique, well-worn and well-cared-for appearance
  • Lightly padded collar and tongue provide a comfortable fit
  • Mid-height chukka styling

Men's Counterpane Lace Boot

Inspired by hunting, military and workboots of the past. When need dictated style. And simple innovation was essential. Classic silhouettes, only bigger and bolder, exaggerate the past. Rawstitching reflects time-tested dedication and respect for the tasks at hand. Imported.


  • Premium burnished Horween® leather, hand finished for a well-worn, cared-for appearance
  • Leather sole with flex grooves for traction and flexibility
  • Rubber heel and forepart of sole
  • Natural round waxed cotton laces

Mens Tackhead 8inch Boots

From the days when work was hard and resources scarce, the Tackhead Collection reflects the utility and ingenuity of the era. Toned-down, worn and repaired. Organic canvas and veg-tanned leathers evoke a more simple time. Imported.


  • Premium burnished Horween® leather, hand finished for a well-worn, cared-for appearance
  • Lightly padded collar and tongue give a comfortable fit
  • Vibram® outsole for rugged traction

They even have some for the ladies.


Women's Lucille Tall Boot

Inspired by the days when women were called upon by their country to do their duty, these boots reflect the ingenuity of those who depended on their footwear as much as they were depended upon.Toned-down leathers and practical details are a lasting tribute to the years on the factory floor. Imported.


  • Premium Naturale leather uppers
  • Horween® premium leather lining
  • EVA footbed for cushioning
  • Hand-finished

Women's Marge Lace Up Boot

These shoes take inspiration from the women who, a century ago, left their homes, moved to cities and entered the workforce. Stitches, details and embellishments convey their own unique sense of femininity. Craftsmanship and style among the clatter of typewriters. Imported.


  • Premium Naturale leather uppers
  • Premium Horween® leather linings
  • EVA footbed for cushioning
  • Hand-finished

What you see above me is a new and revamped Timberland Boot company. If you like any of these boots just go onto



2 Responses to “Timberland Re-Invented”

  1. D Dotta said

    Dude this post is thorough….Just had to say that

  2. youngsuccessfulsociety said

    Nice…Definitely didn’t expect this from Timberland. If I was a man, I would wear the 1st 2 =D

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