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Grade A: Introducing Moruf x Free Dream (Video)

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 28, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Welcome to New Jersey. For those of you who didn’t know, I’m from NJ, that’s where I grew up. Elementary, middle, high, that’s where I was schooled; “East Trenton grew me, had me skippin school.” A lot of people don’t like to give Jersey its credit but we do have talent that has arisen from the Garden State. (This is where I break out the list, and surprise some of you with people you didn’t know.)Some of NJ’s notables include Joe Budden, Redman, The Fugees, Queen Latifah, Akon, Faith Evans, and Naughty by Nature. Now for those of you with some more age, we’ve got Whitney Houston, George Clinton, Kool n the Gang, Bon Jovi, Frank Sinatra, and the Four Seasons (Oh you don remember “Oh What a Night”???).

Let’s forget the past though, we’re in the here and the now. One thing I can say for the current state, of the state of NJ’s music season is that there’s a whole lot brewing so watch out. As always, we won’t have you ‘Jerkin’ or ‘Yuuulin’ across the club. On the contrary, these artists are bringing to you that same feel that each artist above gave you, that ‘mmmm’ feeling. Music!

One artist out of Irvington has definitely got that ‘mmm’ feeling in the music he makes. Moruf “Moo” Adewunmi is a fresh artist who brings us back to the aesthetics of hip-hop. Lyrically he’s refreshing and makes you want to listen to the next line, every line. This is just the beginning for Moo, and you can rest assure that things will only get bigger and better. He’s been performing at a number of venues in the NJ-NY-CT circuit and was at Dolce’s in Elizabeth, NJ most recently.

Make sure you follow him as he gets ready to release his first solo project Garden State of Mind in January. In the meantime, make sure you check back with Grade A for updates, or check out his rather interesting Street Wear Coutore blog. Also, make sure you hit the DL’s for some of his tracks (I suggest that ‘Till Infinity‘) and check out the Garden State of Mind Prelude on

Oh and big shouts to French Exit Media and Miss Nissa on the video production for Free Dream.

DL: Moruf – Free Dream
Moruf – Til Infinity
Moruf – Rye Rye (Freestyle)


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