Grade A Certified

BET Cypher Part 1 x Part 2

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 28, 2009

Nicki Minaj x Buckshot x Joe Budden

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mos Def x Black Thought x Eminem

Just in case you didn’t catch it on the Bet Hip-Hop awards last night, its pretty needless for me to say that this was Grade A, duh!


3 Responses to “BET Cypher Part 1 x Part 2”

  1. D Dotta said

    Okay, here’s my observation…..In the 1st cypher who is Buckshot? And why did somebody think he was worthy of being in a cypher with Joe Budden? And that other random dude..Crown Royal or whatever his name was. He was actually aiight. His style was a little different so he gets points for standing out. Now to Nicki, um I like her but that elevation in tone she does I am not feeling. Its like she goes Pee Wee Hermon on us outta nowhere on her punchlines. And as for Joey, I mean he CLEARLY was the best. Yet, he seemed unenthused and bored. As if to say, I’m effing Joe Buddens and this is who you put me in the cypher with? Come ON BET!

    Secondly, this was an all around cypher. Everybody pulled their weight and showcased what makes them the accomplished lyricist they are. And I mean can anybody really dispute that EM’s lyrics and flow put the stamp on the whole experience?……Didn’t Think So.

    Signing Off

  2. igod said

    OMG D dotta you really need to shut the fuck up! U don’t know shit about HIP HOP… look up Black Moon, Original Gun Clapper… Who is buckshot? EM’s lyrics and flow elementary at best… his whole or should i say hoe style is so 1993. LONS in case you don’t know (Leaders of the new school) and shit”

  3. D Dotta said

    So let me get this straight “Igod”, you’re responding to a comment I made on a post and you have the nerve to be over a month LATE! To borrow my boy Ed Lover’s line “C’mon Son!” First, you late and Secondly, you’re WRONG!

    Okay, let’s take a poll…Raise your hand if you know who Buckshot is? (waiting) (waiting) (patiently waiting) RIGHT, as I figured not a DAMN PERSON. So as I said before, what was this nobody doing in a cypher with legendary Joe Buddens? He obviously had no business there.

    And Lastly, if you think Em’s flow is 1993ish and elementary then I’d like you to decipher exactly what he said word for word and tell me his verbage alone wouldn’t smach ya boy Buckshot’s? When your name is taught during Hip Hop 101 classes (like Eminem’s is) then I think you’re rhymes are pretty exquisite, dont you agree?

    –Shuttin em DOWN!–

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