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“I don’t want that T.I. and Vick vacation”

Posted by lovelyboricua24 on October 22, 2009

People Lil Wayne

I don’t think any of us are all that surprised to hear about Lil Wayne getting called out by the governement on the shenanigans he’s always rapping about, but I am surprised he pleaded guilty to attempted gun possession. (which is a felony)

Wayne might face up to 3 1/2 years in jail but will not officially get sentenced until his court date in February. This case has been going on for two years now. Wayne was caught with a .40-caliber semiautomatic gun, after his tour bus was stopped and searched in New York in July of 2007. (Y’all seen the Behind the Music)

As if this isn’t enough Wayne is scheduled in an Arizona court in March for drugs and another set of weapons charges. He pleaded not guilty in that case, which was the result of his 2008 arrest.  T.I. should be done with his time before Wayne has to do his, maybe T.I. can give him some tips. Jokes aside, if he is smart he’ll get on that T.I. tip and do some community service hours. Wayne has previously said in an interview, “I am a gangster and I do what I want.” Maybe MTV will give him a show too: Lil Wayne: When Keepin’ It Gangster Goes Wrong.


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