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‘In the End I’m Human’ – Chris Brown talks with Angie Martinez on Hot 97 x ‘Crawl’

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 21, 2009

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve had the idea in my head to write an article on this matter.  Fortunately I was given the inspiration to do so today. Not only did Chris Brown release the second single Crawl, from his upcoming album Graffiti, but he also stopped into Hot 97 to have a pretty lengthy talk with Angie Martinez.

Chris Brown Interview on Hot 97 w/Angie Martinez

Previous to today, I had been planning to write an article detailing the events that led to the charges brought up against CB, and the implicit break up between himself and Rihanna. That would have been the segway to me prompting reader response as to whether or not he should be forgiven. At this point what has been done has been done, he has received his punishments as well as ridicule and is looking to move forward, clearly. In light of those facts and with all things considered, I wanted your opinion as to whether you would forgive or not forgive; support or not support.

For me, this has always been a matter of getting back in good graces. People make mistakes. We’ve all made them, we’re not perfect, and cannot get away from that unfortunate truth. Think of the last mistake you made […………..]. How did you try to overcome it, or make amends for it?

I’ve made both major and minor mistakes recently. In one instance, I find myself back in NJ from Hampton University, degree unattained. I learned from that debacle, I searched within myself to redefine my values, assess my mistakes, and attempt to move forward with all of that on my conscious, but without holding me down at the same time. In another instance, I cut a man off while I was driving earlier today. I was in a rush, clearly he wasn’t, so I swerved right in front of him. As accident prone as that maneuver was, I realized it was wrong, a mistake, and I slowed down to use apologetic hand gestures.

Whether he forgave me or not, I don’t know. He may have stayed there cursing me out and wishing bodily harm upon me. In both cases I looked within to resolve my mistake. I learned from each situation and I know that those mistakes will not be repeated; no one but God can judge me on that. Once I’ve reconciled with myself the past should no longer be dwelled upon that would only make my future somber. During the interview with Angie Martinez she asked about a photo that was taken during his community service:

Angie: Can you smile anywhere? Without pissin’ somebody off?

Chris: I smile regardless, people don’t break my happiness. At the end of the day… I mean.. I said I’m sorry… I’m remorseful for my situation. But people cannot expect me to walk around every day of my life frowning. Because at the end of the day, life is too short… and I love my life, and I love my fans, and I love Me. So I know that at the end of the day, I’m sorry for what I’ve done, and the only person that can judge me is God.

Hmm, looks like his sentiments are similar to those of anyone else who makes a mistake. In his case it was a rather large mistake. Any man knows it is intolerable to put hands on a woman under any circumstance, especially on one with whom you are intimate. He cannot be excused for what he did, no not at all. It was wrong, plain and simple. We all know that and I am a strong proponent for letting it be known that what he did was unacceptable.

I don’t know Chris personally [just yet, I’m waiting for him to reach out to Grade A], and the facts of what happened in the car that night have not been disclosed publicly. But I still cannot ignore basic male and female chemistry. There are two sides to every dispute between couples whether violent in nature or not. In fact, now that I think of it, many men are culprit to domestic violence, but it goes unrecognized because it is not physical in nature. Domestic violence can be achieved through psychological means. So for every man who has verbally degraded his woman or for every woman who has threatened to never cook for her man again, just so as to control the movements and actions of their partner; yeah you guessed it, you too.

Still, none of this is on the same level of putting your hands to a woman’s face, and causing those ridiculous pictures we saw surface in the news and on the internet. As a man, you must learn to walk away from situations no matter how much you are cajoled into reacting. In the interview Brown stated that:

I totally realize.. and I know cause, like me being a kid who grew up with domestic violence and… certain things in my household when I was growing up.. I mean that’s something that I would never wanna put any body through or let anybody have that… reminiscent feeling of. That’s not who I am at all….

When you examine action vs reaction in this case, do we think it’s plausible that maybe his natural reaction to whatever provocation he may have received in that car might have been influenced by his upbringing. I don’t mean to make this as a direct correlation, but it’s a pretty well accepted ideology that those who are sexually molested at a young age are likely to become sexual molesters. Those who were abused as a child are likely to abuse their children. Those who’s parents were alcohol and drug abusers are likely to become the same. These are accepted behavioral patterns; is it possible that was CB’s natural reaction in response to whatever went on in that car? Just a thought– not a justification.

I think that it’s important we move on from this. Chris Brown himself has proclaimed his regret, he has taken steps to reconcile with himself, and has shown the utmost remorse for his actions. If he says he knows he would never do such a thing again, I think its best that he be given the respect and opportunity at another chance. Not only from just us as fans of his music and Hip-Hop culture alike, but even from Rihanna and those who have ostracized him because of his mistakes. He’s young, youth requires learning, and learning promotes future acts recognizant of that acquired knowledge.

Listen to his second single from Graffiti called Crawl. Take the poll, let Grade A know how you feel, and check out the tour dates for his month long “Fan Appreciation Tour”.

Chris Brown – Crawl

**Here are the dates for his 19-city “Fan Appreciation Tour”:

»11/14 Houston @ House of Blues
»11/15 Dallas @ Palladium
»11/18 Los Angeles @ Avalon
»11/19 San Francisco @ The Fillmore
»11/22 Richmond, Virginia @ Landmark
»11/25 Detroit @ Royal Oak
»11/26 Chicago @ House of Blues
»11/29 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida @ Revolution
»12/1 Atlanta @ CenterStage
»12/4 Washington, D.C. @Warner Theater
»12/5 Providence, Rhode Island @ Lupo’s
»12/6 Boston @ House of Blues
»12/9 Sayreville, New Jersey @Starland
»12/11 Baltimore @ Sonar
»12/12 Wallingford, Connecticut @ Chevrolet Theater
»12/13 Philadelphia @Electric Factory
»12/15 New York @ Nokia Theatre


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