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Birdman – More Millie (ft. Drake)

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 16, 2009

“I keep credit cards in cash knots.” Despite the fact that this is a setup for piss poor credit, I think Young Money is on to something. He’s starting to remind me of salt & pepper [no no the group, the condiments]; no matter what they cook up, just shake a little Drizzy in it and that fixes everything.

As much as I’m not a fan of Birdman as an artist, what else can you do but listen when Drake is on it. Give the man a verse or let him do the hook [Off That] your guaranteed play. Of course the production assistance from Boi Wonda is always a good look too. Still the fact remains, Drake is almost a year deep in mainstream music,  yet to release an album, and can NEVER be deemed a one hit-wonder regardless of what the future holds for him. If you tried to some him up as such, which hit would be the wonder??

Under the title of “Birdman – More Millie” I have no plans of doing a full Drake story. Just know that one is coming soon though. If you recall, Grade A Exclusive (one of Grade A’s previous monikers) was one of the first site’s to be on the Drake Wagon (No ‘Mo). Hit the jump and check out the track

Birdman – More Millie (ft. Drake)


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