Grade A Certified

Wale – Inhibitions (ft. Pharrell)

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 14, 2009

As I was going to sleep last night, I discovered this sick joint. I put my iTunes onto the visualizer in full screen and played it on repeat while I slept. Wale on a track, you know he’s bringing his best. Wale is one of the few rappers today that I feel leaves everything they’ve got right there in the studio when the track is said on done: Every Session. He doesn’t have a non-chalant attitude towards his music. He doesn’t go into the studio with the intent to make a hit for the radio stations and MTV; he goes in with the sole purpose of making good music, and that’s evident in every song.

I’ve built such a respect for Wale’s music [stemming from meeting him my Freshman year at the Legion in Hampton, VA], so expect a full feature article in the near future. Hopefully we can get an interview out of him for it too. I’d love to tap into the mind of an artist in 2009 who is fueled by genuinely creating good music and makes it work, well. Those are characteristics to want to learn about, question, and discover. What drives this guy Wale? As a Nigerian-American I KNOW he could have just gone ahead and become a Doctor, Lawyer, or Engineer like all nigerian parents would like. To be so determined to achieve your goals, which are so far out of line with those of your parents is something to be commended for. Accomplishing them though, how do you do more than commend?

Last night I watched Wale perform, and give tribute to his predecessors at the Hip Hop Honors. As he skipped around stage with his brown LV backpack on I realized one thing. Wale knows where he came from, therefore he knows where he’s headed. The man clearly has a love for the music; my only qualm is with his Twitter. I’ll have to discuss that at another time though.

Here it is. Enjoy this good music, because when two good, creative, artistic musicians come together, you can expect nothing less than a track you’ll repeat often. Grade A Certified!

DL: Wale – Inhibitions (ft. Pharrell)

Bonus: Wale – Contemplate (ft. Rihanna)


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