Grade A Certified

N.E.R.D – Soldier (ft. Santigold)

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 14, 2009

Finally, the studio version has been liberated. This surfaced previously as a live version from MTV some time ago. Of course when the studio track got into my hands I had to post it, this track was Grade A from jump, but the live version? Naw, I couldn’t post that, thats not Grade A quality.Now try to remember that Grade A is about being the top notch, creme de la creme. So when you listen to this and say “Wait this ain’t rap music”, then you’ll have finally begun to understand that Grade A Certified is more than just rap music and black people. We’re about quality, we’re about good music, and hip hop culture to name a few things; all of these are characterisitic [as usual] of this N.E.R.D track. I think N.E.R.D is synonymous with ‘good music’. I’m going to check my thesaurus while you DL the song.

DL: N.E.R.D – Soldier (ft. Santogold)


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