Grade A Certified

Big Boi – Shine Blockas (ft. Gucci Mane)

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 14, 2009

So I won’t lie to you, I saw this yesterday. Did I listen to it– No. Now what could have caused such a decision to take place? It is normal though, to skip over a lot of songs in the course of a day, and never see it again. A lot of music gets thrown our way. Nevertheless, aside from the fact that yesterday was a very busy day for me, outside of, I just didn’t think it’d be that great; 2 reasons are involved in that poor decision I made.The first reason is Gucci. Yeah, I said it. I’m so used to Gucci Mane at this point. Though he makes good music, and is currently defying all notions I had of him when I first passed the mason-dixon line to begin college in 2006. I am an avid listener and enjoyer of Gucci Mane’s music. But, yesterday I wasn’t having it; I assumed I’d hear it sometime in the future and give my usual approval.

The second reason is Big Boi, it’s unfortunate that I must say this– but Big Boi is was irrelevant. I heard someone note recently that although Andre 3000 is all that we know him to be, there were times during the Outkast saga when Big Boi definitely held his own and outweighed Dre. I say all that to note that before yesterday, I hadn’t heard Big Boi’s name associated with any relevance to the 1st quarter ’10 (fiscal calendar) until yesterday. So of course I took the natural route and said “I’ll check it later”.

What I failed to realize was the capacity of this collaboration. In hindsight, I think to myself “You said whaaaaaa? Big Boi and Gucci Mane?” thats almost like having Missy Elliot and Nicki Minaj on the same section of the vinyl. Well what do ya know? ATL stand up because you’ve done something special once again. When I say this is some Grade A Material, I mean it with all sincerity. I mean, this joint is an A+, took the extra credit opportunities and all. Not only does Big Boi go in on this one, but Gucci takes the opportunity to step up and show development as an artist, and not just a southern ringtone rapper. Yo, check this out, and if you think it doesn’t rock, come back and tell me I’m not Mr. Put On.

DL: Big Boi – Shine Blockas (ft. Gucci Mane)


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