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Michael Jackson – This Is It

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 12, 2009

Here it is, the track we’ve been waiting for. Big shouts to TSS for the first look. As the trailers for “This Is It” are hitting TV and computer screens worldwide, the song has finally been liberated. The legend we have all dubbed the G.O.A.T in a number of categories can still live on. Since his death, I have stood firm in my belief that he will indeed live on forever through the memories (passed down through generations like the stories of Baby Jesus) and his music of course. As long as humankind has the ability to register music by way of sound, even if language barriers exist; his emotion, his character, his musicianship will resound in every measure of every song.

I won’t go into a long description because I am a passionate Michael Jackson fan, and I would have you here reading for the next 2 days. [Yes, it would be a novel, and yes it would be that captivating.] One thing is for sure though, on October 28th countless numbers of people will flock to movie theaters for the two-week only viewing period for This Is It.

In the meantime let us rejoice in jovial memories of the man who’s unmistakeable sillhouette is pictured above; by the means of his greatest legacy– song.

DL: Michael Jackson – This Is It

Bonus: Check out the Trailer for the Film, in theatres (not mispelled) October 28th.


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