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Young Jeezy – I Got This

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 7, 2009

Although the Recession continues economically, it’s been over a year now since Young Jeezy graced us with his third album entitled The Recession. Needless to say, The Recession was a classic. For the first time since G-Unit’s reign on Hip-Hop and ahead of Gucci Mane’s current position in the market, Jeezy brought the plight of the hoods and ghettos of America to clubs, radio stations, and TV channels the like. The only person I can thing of that had the inner city streets and suburban culdesacs yelling the same obscenities about the struggle of the black man was Tupac Shakur.

Although I may be ahead of myself with that last comparison, I can honestly say that when Young Jeezy gets to a mic, the product of that sessions is listened to with open ears, and for good reason. Recently Jeezy got on the “Real As it Gets” track with Jay-Z on Blueprint 3— without a doubt, that was as Real as it got.

The Recession was full of “hits”. In my eyes a hit is a track that not only takes over all musical channels, but is also quoted in daily life, discussed in classrooms by professors trying to be “hip”, quoted by your parents and grandparents in the moments when they’re trying to “relate”, make it to the #1 spot on MTV and BET at the same exact time, and make concerts look like the star spangled banner at the Super Bowl.

With songs such as, Put On (ft. Kanye West), Vacation, Who Dat, Crazy World, My President (ft. Nas), and Welcome Back, The Recession propelled itself into a role as one of the Hip-Hop’s greatest compilations. Coming at a time when everyone’s minds were so deep in their pockets, Mr. Jenkins was able to provide American society with a means to do what it loves to do during hard times; delve into music and its lyrics to somber its sorrows.

**My man J. Tinsley noted that I should remind you critics to revisit the “Dey Know”remix. How could I forget that insane track that took 2007 by storm and held it prisoner like “b*tch you mine”.

His “real” lyrics and seemingly uplifting messages are well guised by unmistakeable beats with Drumma Boy, J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, and Don Cannon as some of his most notable producers. Jeezy consistently delivers. I can’t forget the one Saturday afternoon ritualistic drive to D.C. for the LOVE Nightclub gig with DJ Tay James about 2 weeks before the Recession’s September 2nd release date. Tay put the burned CD into the “Lex Bubble” BOSE sound system, and I was mesmerized all the way to D.C.

It’s time to be motivated once again people. With Thug Motivation 103 on the horizon, be prepared to bring out the pen and pad and jot down these notes as I’m certain Young Jeezy has a lot of lecturin’ to do on this one. I first heard this track sometime on Monday, but I wanted to wait until I had free time to do a full write up. I Got This” sets the stage for his next album as he emphasizes to his listeners that “I got this”– I believe it. Like I said earlier “Jeezy consistently delivers”. Well listen to the first track off Thug Motivation 103, tell em what you think:

DL – Young Jeezy – I Got This


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