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Usher – Papers

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 6, 2009

So, it looks like its official and done. Although it happened as quietly as it can with internet blogs, tabloids, and gossip at its peak– Usher and his wife ex Tamika Foster have divorced. This past June it was reported that Usher filed for divorce in Atlanta Court. Reasons for the divorce have not been discussed, but of course there is plenty speculation going around. We’ll leave the on-line gossiping to Bossip though.

Usher, being one of my top 3 favorite R&B singers, is an artist who’s personal life and emotions clearly takes an effect on his music. Confessions, an album which came at an emotional time in his life was an instant classic, and is in deed the best album Usher has had to date. The departure of Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas from Usher’s life led him to tell JET Magazine in 2004 that Confessions was “the best I’ve ever sang before,” and that “Vocally, I’m there, trust me. Confessions is a vocal R&B album-it’s out of here!”

He definitely didn’t lie with those statements back in 2004. Heartfelt, passionate, lyrically sound, and all around musically superb, Confessions said it all. The ensuing album on the other hand, Here I Stand didn’t have that appeal. I remember people cracking jokes about Usher needing to be depressed or unhappy to put out a good album. All jokes aside, Usher’s new found happiness really did him no justice on his last studio release. It lacked a lot.

“Papers”– The first single released from his upcoming Raymond vs. Raymond album has got that fire once again. It’s strange to me because I’ve heard so many break up songs, in fact one of the hottest songs out right now “Break Up” by Mario is a great example. Yet, singing about divorce papers?? This really tells the culture of America, where divorces can be detailed in songs as casual, accepted and people are expected to sing along and sympathize.

On the contrary, this song really does make you remember the times when you gave your everything to a relationship. I always talk about how a relationship will make people go against their principles, change their ways– another side appears. Teaming up with Sean Garrett for the lyrical portion, R&B’s General sure gets the point across in this one. In a recent article from MTV’s Jayson Rodriguez Garrett states:

“Let’s say I wrote a record for Usher three or four months ago where I really didn’t have any idea of what he was going through personally. I work really hard at creating records I feel that’s gonna fit like a glove to an artist,” Garrett explained. “Me and Usher have a close relationship; I tend to sort of assist certain artists in giving them a direction, where I think they need to go in their next move. I felt that was the direction we needed to go. I felt that was the question everyone wanted to know: Was [his relationship] good or was it bad? Was it right? Are you happy or you’re not?”

With the same speculation on the relativity of the song as we had with his “Confessions Part II”, one thing I can definitely say is– He’s Back! Look forward to more tracks and an album of Confessions proportions.

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