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Jae Millz – The Virgo: He Nasty

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 6, 2009

Jae Millz– what can I say? Dude rips it up every time he gets on a track. I’ve been a Millz fan since I googled him and watched his Murda Mook battles after he battled E-Ness on Making the Band (yeah, I wasn’t Mr. Put On back then, I was late on Millz). These are two of the lines I remember vividly from that memorable evening Taped in Diddy’s House:

Tryna prove the boy ain’t hot, you better off tellin Mike Tyson to take his best shot […] All I can say is just keep spittin, you’ll be one of the best in the game after I stop livin.

Since singing with Young Money over a year ago, Jae Millz was featured heavily on Dedication 3 and released his own mixtape Zone Out Season Vol. 2. In my eyes Jae Millz is yet to make the full cross over to being a mainstream artist, but I think his steady fan base likes him right where he is, a lyrical wordsmith, with his ‘gutta’ lines.

This mixtape, The Virgo:He Nasty is his rendition of a Plies-type lyrical content for lack of better description. For all my ‘hip-hop heads’ who think R&B is too soft, but still get down with the get down when the lights go off, this is something yall can relate to. For those freaks and nasty folk in general – you’ll definitely be feelin’ this mixtape. In other words, whoever you are, if your a fan of good music, and have any bit of testosterone or estrogen, you’ll be able to enjoy this just as money as any artist from R.Kelly to Plies. Enough of the chatter, check out the tape for yourself. It’s here, on Grade A Certified, of course it Grade A Material.

Jaw Millz – The Virgo: He Nasty (props YMHQ)



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