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Nicki Minaj – It’s Barbie B*tch

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 5, 2009

So in the haste that has been Blake Kelly’s Higher Education all other mixtape projects were forgotten. My apologies, but Higher Education is really something special. Before I drone on about Blake, let me go ahead and introduce ‘yall’ to Nicki Minaj’s latest release It’s Barbie B*tch where the asterisk should clearly be replaced with an ‘i’. Since the rise of the Minaj, we’ve seen Harajuku Barbie impostors everywhere. Nicki Minaj is definitely running the female rap game, took Lil’ Kim’s spot for sure and is running with the wind at her back. Keeping the Young Money scales well balanced, she’s definitely holding her own against the likes of Drake and Jae Millz. Well check out Nicki’s latest approved, but Unofficial mixtape.

Nicki Minaj – It’s Barbie B*tch


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  1. for a Wha Blow Spotlight on Nicki Minaj tell me what you think

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