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Blake Kelly – “Higher Education” (Mixtape)

Posted by J. Tinsley on October 1, 2009

Aight, I’m not going into an entire “its-been-a-minute-since-I-posted-here” spill, this is more important. By a mile. Last year, while I was living in Chicago, I called Blake Kelly out of  the blue and pretty much had a heart to  heart with him. Normally, I don’t co-sign a lot of people I know personally that rap because, for lack of a better description, I’m just not interested. However, I had heard Blake rap before and his flow stuck out to me. I knew if he really focused on the craft, he could construct something impressive.

Anyway, during that conversation, Blake and I both came to the conclusion that he should put the ball in motion and create a mixtape introducing  himself to the world. None of that rah-rah gunplay, kilos in the trunk type music, just lyrics that were true to him. Of course, he wanted a title right then and there. Now, without putting myself out there too much, Blake and I went to school together and on a few occasions we’ve paid tribute to Bob Marley. Yep, let that marinate for a second.

The name seemed natural and without even a second thought I told him the name of the tape would be “Higher Education.” He immediately loved the title and, after more pushbacks than Dr. Dre’s Detox, we find ourselves here. The finished product. My name is on the front cover, but the real people who helped craft this release are Blake Kelly, DJ Tay James, Ya Money and Mark Jackson. Thank them, I was just blessed to know these guys and they valued my opinion on some issues. Enough of the sob story, however, hit the jump and download it.

The fate of the free world depends on you doing so.

DL: Blake Kelly–Higher Education

New [SB] DL Link: Blake Kelly–HigherEducation


6 Responses to “Blake Kelly – “Higher Education” (Mixtape)”

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  2. HAMEED.......... said


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