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World, Juse Dayne…Juse Dayne, World

Posted by J. Tinsley on August 27, 2009


If I could sit here and tell you the amount of music I come across on a daily basis, nine times out of 10, you wouldn’t believe me. Sometime between now and a few years ago, I became an unofficial A&R and my opinion became coveted at least in a few circles. For that, I thank any and everyone who has ever wanted me to listen to their work. Unfortunately, that means most (like 85%) of the music that has graced my ears hasn’t been pretty. I consider myself a tough critic and have told even my closest friends their stuff…for lack of a better term…was wack.

This guy, Julius “Juse Dayne Jetson” McCormack, is one of the exceptions. The Virginia resident, by way of New Jeresey, caught my ear specifically because of his smooth and effortless flow. Hard at work on his debut double-sided mixtape, “Light Heavyweight” and “Songs About Girls“, here are the first leaks courtesy of yours truly. After speaking with Dayne on a number of occasions, I informed him the pros and cons of spitting over straight industry beats. Not to worry, they’ll be original instrumentals laced all throughout the release.

However, what he does to the “Run This Town” instrumental should be illegal in 22 states and even Jay would be left making that ‘AUGH’ noise he makes now. Words really don’t do it justice, so hopefully my opinion means enough that you’ll at least give the track a listen. Tell a friend to tell a friend. You know how to this goes.

Follow/contact him on Twitter, @JuseDayne.

DL: Juse Dayne–Run This Town

Bonus: Ryan Leslie feat. Juse Dayne–Something That


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