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Simp – “When You Graduate (Blake Kelly diss)”

Posted by J. Tinsley on August 24, 2009

By posting this, I realize I’m likely no better than the magazines of the mid-90’s who helped stir up the war of words between the East Coast and West Coast. However, I’m roughly 99.9999% sure that outcome will not present itself again. Yesterday, the homie Liad posted Blake Kelly’s new viral video for the track “I’d Be Damned” featured on the upcoming mixtape, “Higher Education.”

During the song, Blake has a line proclaiming, “Where he beat up a Nupe and tried to pledge Que/ But he was so cool that yall forgot too…” It was this bar which prompted Simp, a Nupe himself, to respond with the following record. Over Fabolous and Jay-Z’s “Money Goes, Honeys Stay“, Simp waxes his own poetics telling Blake “a fight on school grounds don’t make you a legend” amongst other things.

As a good friend to both Blake and Simp, I’m staying out of the entire situation in hopes that it, like the GS Boyz, will soon fade away.

DL: Simp–When You Graduate (Blake Kelly diss)

Flashback: Blake Kelly–I’d Be Damned (Video)


One Response to “Simp – “When You Graduate (Blake Kelly diss)””

  1. Mr. Put On said

    wow…low blow at the GS Boyz… im on the same tho… im stayin out of this…

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