Grade A Certified

Lloyd – “Pusha”

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 23, 2009

Anybody whose been at a loss for Grade A R&B, well here you go– consider this an early Christmas gift.

For ages, there’s been a reference to narcotics when talking about love. Why? Most likely because of its addictive properties. If love were a real substance, there’d be a lot of whacked out junkies out there. Haven’t you ever seen someone that you could tell was clearly in withdrawal? It’s really a sad sight to see. Just like a junky/fiend, I’ve seen a lot of people who did whatever they could for love, so with Lloyd making this reference to cocaine throughout this song, Pusha is another great analogy song for a person who’s found that one that person that can make them feel like their on a complete high.

DL: Lloyd – Pusha


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