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Jay-Z ft. Drake – Off That

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 23, 2009

Sorry we’ve been away. It’s been a nice little weekend. Madden ’10 fell into my lap and I’ve been stuck to it. Trying to perfect the new features. Game play is a lot better if you ask me; it’s interesting how over the course of a year, Madden NFL comes so much closer to being real.

The fall is coming, September is near. Its the end of the fiscal season, so it’s been pretty busy at work. I assume everybody is thinking ahead and trying to make sure life plans are being followed accordingly. Still, our minds were always on #whatsGradeA. With all that said, I leave you with this track that leaked recently, personally I will not listen to it*. I ruined the Fabolous- Loso’s Way experience by listening to ALL of the leaks, which came out to be pretty much the entire album. So while everyone was talking about how tight the album was, I was busy thinking “umm, that’s all old news”. Check it out, and leave some feedback so I can have some idea as to what I’m making myself miss.

*Ok… So, Im not that strong willed, I listened to it; definitely GRADE A

DL: Jay-Z ft. Drake – Off That


2 Responses to “Jay-Z ft. Drake – Off That”

  1. […] those of you who can’t wait to hear Blueprint 3 as it leaks track by track, this here’s for […]

  2. […] what else can you do but listen when Drake is on it. Give the man a verse or let him do the hook [Off That] your guaranteed play. Of course the production assistance from Boi Wonda is always a good look […]

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