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The Day That Was In Sports…

Posted by J. Tinsley on August 20, 2009

This has been one hell of a day in sports. One of those days where you don’t turn from SportsCenter in fear that you’d miss the breaking news. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sit in front of a TV the entire day, but thanks to technology (Blackberry), I stayed in the know. In my own solo PTI, style,  here’s my run through on the day’s biggest stores…

Plaxico Burress to Serve Two Years In Prison for Gun Charge

  • This is a sensitive subject. When the situation first happened in November of 2008, I was the first to say Plax was stupid for bringing an unregistered weapon in a club in one of, if not the hardest, gun state in the country. And on August 20, 2009, I saw the same thing. However, my heart bleeds for the guy because I see the ruling as a raw deal. I don’t want to see the guy get treated differently because of his star power, but the logic behind the decision was flawed. How is it that a man who runs a dogfighting ring and a guy who shooting himself in the leg both receive two years in prison, BUT a man who killed a human being while under the influence of alcohol only receive 24 days in jail. Jay said it right, “Ain’t no love, in the heart of the city…”

Memphis Forced to Vcacate 2007-2008 Season

  • Personally, I think it’s stupid to “vacate” wins because unless the NCAA is going to erase my memory with one of the ‘Men In Black’ devices, no deal. I will also remember how pissed I was when Memphis lost seeing as how Kansas had just beating my UNC Tar Heels in the game before. What is more shocking is the fact, John Calipari got away scott free…again. If you’re a college basketball nut like myself, you remember the same thing happened with him and UMass in the mid-90’s. That and the homie Derrick Rose rode all the way to Detroit to take his SAT’s…when he is from Chicago. If you believe the story, someone else took it for him. At the end of the day, Rose is the ROTY and walking around with a bad yellow bone on his arm. Rose wins. Memphis loses.

Caster Semenya Wins Gold, Faces Gender Test

  • This is one of the most disgusting stories I’ve heard in quite some time. The South African teenager recently won a gold medal in the 800m at the world championships. After winning, claims of her not actually being a her began to surface. Not to sound rude, but she looks like a he. Hopefully, you’re not confused just yet. However, if it turns out Semenya actually is a female (which her family is passionately proclaiming), then she just had the best day of her life turn into the worst. The speculation began because of her muscular structure and deep voice. *Shivers* Yet and still, I do feel for this young lady.

Usain Bolt Breaks Another World Record, Runs 19.19 in 200M

  • PLEASE, don’t let this guy be on roids. Aside from LeBron, hands down the most exciting player to watch. And honestly, he’s creeping up. Like Dan LeBetard said on PTI today, “this guy does more in 20 seconds than most athletes do in an entire game.” Word.

You’ve got to love sports and with as much fun as I had typing this, this may have to be a regular fixture. Hmmmm. Catch me this fall at my internship, SB Nation, blogging nationwide.


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