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Wale – My Sweetie (Embracing His Roots)

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 18, 2009

So maybe it’s because both my parents are Nigerian and I grew up with a decent knowledge of African music or because my mother (R.I.P) used to sing this sample when I was younger; but this is all I’ve been listening to for the last 15 hours or so. I think it’ll probably stay like this for the next two days. Now don’t get it twisted, this is a universal song that can reach anybody regardless of their heritage in the same way Michael Jackson’s “Mama Say” did.

Big-ups to Wale for the Nigerian reference in the song. This man embraces his roots, and I’m proud to be a fan. Apple Juice Kid went in on the production too, this joint rock. This comes out of left field as a sample, but its great, catchy, and will be bridging generational gaps where we see many American born Africans assimilating with urban america culture and forgetting their heritage. Wale does a good job at bringing the unity. Now I can play my music in the car with my pops, thanks Wale.

DL: Wale – My Sweetie


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