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Usain Bolt – New 100 Meter World Record

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 16, 2009

9.58 seconds– that’s how much time it took Usain Bolt to run the 100 meter dash earlier today in Berlin, Germany at the IAAF World Championships. Exactly a year ago today Bolt set the record at 9.69 seconds in Beijing at the Summer Olympics. On that day, August 16, 2008, Usain showed us all the definition of “show-boat” as he began waving and celebrating about 10 meters before the finish line and still set the world record.

Bolt Boasting in Beijing

Bolt Boasting in Beijing

Earlier today, he was more composed and displayed his abilities at greater length. Before he got set in his lane, he did his signature ‘bow and arrow’ pose. He got set into the block and launched out to a nice advantage. He ran the length with poise only taking an opportunity (this time) to check his closest opponent Tyson Gray of the USA. This time around, Bolt showed his true colors, not just his pumpkin orange track shoes and yellow and green Jamaican track uniform.

Tyson Gray who was dubbed the World’s Fastest man before the Usain Bolt phenomenon began, picked up the Silver Medal today behind Bolt’s unmatched performance. Coming in at 9.71 Gray set the new 100 meter record for the USA. He didn’t even seem disappointed with his defeat. I’m sure he realizes thats its rare to run against the likes of a Usain Bolt, and he was just in that unlucky heat.

It’s speculated that this will not be the end of Bolt’s record setting. Although he came out with a great start today, he can still work on his opening jump. Also, if he runs all the way through, no looking at the clock, or checking opponents that will additionally shorten his 100 meter time. Last summer it was estimated that had he not been boasting before the end of the race in Beijing, he could have seen a time of 9.55. Although he came close 3 seconds is a lot of time to cut down a 9.58 second 100 meter performance with. Theoretically, it’s possible.

Usain Bolts Signature Pose

Usain Bolt's Signature Pose

With Usain Bolt on the track, show boating to world records, hugging fans to the bow and arrow, I wont be surprised with anything he does next, he’s a phenom, a spectacle, he’s meant to be watched– and he puts on a great show.


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