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Cara Gborne “LadiiC” – August Featured Model

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 7, 2009

What better way than to celebrate “365 Days of Grade A” than with a brand new Featured model profile? Cara Gborne, our Grade A Model for the month of August is young lady from New Jersey who attends Arizona State University (party over there!!). She has a bubbly personality and clearly she makes black & white, as well as coloreds look great. Make sure you hit her up on Twitter and Facebook. If you think you should be the Grade A Certified Model of the Month then submit your pics and info to Hit the jump for LadiiC’s profile, and as usual… MORE PICS.

Name: Cara Gborne
Nickname: LadiiC/Carebear
Age: 21
Hometown: New Jersey!!!
Current School/Class: Arizona State University – Senior
Major: Ask and we shall discuss
Favorite Meal: Sushi

Career Goals: I really look forward to going to graduate school. I have a strong passion for traveling, marketing, promoting, networking, and event planning. I love being involved on campus and [in] the community in general. I like to do a lot of different things at once, to keep busy and focused.

Modeling Goals: I love being in fashion shows and throwing/planning fashion show events. I would like to be featured in magazines and model in tradeshows/conventions. I would like to do a lot of promotional work and just have fun with it and see where it takes me.

Current Album: There is no “current album”. My IPOD is what’s poppin (lol). I’m feelin’ Fabolous, Jay-Z, Drake, and Trey Songz right about now from the “Throw it in the bag remix” to “sctratching me up” to “when the money goes” and “invented sex” etc. I love music, period.

What do you consider ‘Grade A’?: Grade A is traveling [first class] when you want to, where you want to, shopping, spa treatment, room service… and a good ol’ run on the beach.

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2 Responses to “Cara Gborne “LadiiC” – August Featured Model”

  1. Timothy said

    wow i didn’t know you were a model! they are very nice! lol

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