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IlldotLogic aka “Illy” – Hydroplane x The QWERTY Mixtape

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 6, 2009

Last night someone spammed me on twitter asking me to check out his mixtape. So I downloaded this very generic mixtape from It was called Summer Bangers, I liked the title, and figured I’d give it a listen. There were a number of tracks up there that were not Grade A worthy and some that I didn’t think “bang” at all.

But one song I heard prompted me to do a little research. This song called Hydroplane had me doing a google search for “IlldotLogic”. I checked out his myspace and found that he was an eclectic fellow. His sounds were pretty dope and I saw a video of him making a beat so I hit him up to find out some more information and I liked what he said:

“yeah, i make some of them, but i work with a lot of talented producers, try to get a lot of variety in the sound…”

Nowadays “the sound” is being forgotten in music. This is one of the things Jay-Z says he plans to capture in his Blueprint 3 album (check back on here later tonight for that article). Well you tell me what you think about this new artist who also goes by “Illy”–>

DL: Hydroplane

If you like the song, check out The QWERTY Mixtape


One Response to “IlldotLogic aka “Illy” – Hydroplane x The QWERTY Mixtape”

  1. […] its minimal technical flaws, is a real good mixtape. I posted a few days ago about a mixtape called Summer Bangerz that wasn’t bangin’ at all. This time, DJ JuanSki’s Summer Jamz ‘09 is just […]

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