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The DJ Drama Co-Sign

Posted by J. Tinsley on August 5, 2009

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Truthfully, most of you might not see the big deal surrounding this post. However, it means a hell of a lot to me. For those that may not know, I also have posting duties at two other highly respected sites, and The Smoking Section. Don’t ask why, it has always been my purpose and mission to promote my name and art as much as possible.

Anyway, enough of the fluff. Recently, I wrote an article detailing my feelings on the Young Jeezy and DJ Drama dispute and how much it disappointed me as a fan. It has received very high praise and honestly ranks as one of my favorite posts. Earlier today, I sent the article to DJ Drama in hopes that he would click the link and at least scan it. In actuality, I didn’t even expect that seeing as how my tweet to him (pause) would probably get lost among the thousands he likely receives per minute.

But sometimes, luck outweighs logic. To my astonishment, Drama not only read my piece, but re-posted the link saying he “respected” the article. As a longtime fan of Drama and even longer fan of music, this means a lot to me. Sure, most will look at it and say “get over it, he probably already forgot about it.” He might have very well have, but I haven’t and won’t. You see, my dream is to one day become hip-hop’s premiere journalists and my first famous “co-sign” will never be forgotten. In a sense, this was my Gangsta Grillz. Ok, I’m looking too much into it, I know.

All this on the eve of my year anniversary of blogging. Wow, I’ve come a long way in 365 days.

To read the aforementioned post, click here (and feel free to comment).


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