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Amerie – Heard ‘Em All

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 4, 2009

I’ve always been a sucker for Amerie on the low. I mean, damn, look up. But while other dudes were drooling I always tried to play it off. With the release of her latest album In Love & War set for this fall, she’s definitely getting more publicity and attention; and I’m lovin’ it. Her first single, “Why R U?” was released in June and is hittin’ the airwaves heavy! I’m not one for the radio, but when I do hear it on you won’t catch me touchin’ the tuner; I’m sure ladies have been singin’ right along with her too, forgetting Amerie has the record deal and not them.

“Heard ‘Em All” is set to be the second single released from the album, but as usual has found it’s way to the net a little early. I haven’t heard a track like this from anyone but Beyonce lately; reminds me of single ladies. Forgive me, I was gassing it a little, though I really haven’t a track like this from anyone but “B” lately. Ladies start requesting this on the radio on friday and saturday nights pre-gaming for the club; tell the folk at ConcreteLoop this right here is CERTIFIED! Hit the link:

DL: Heard ‘Em All

Bonus: “Why R U


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