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Rain Rain Go Away x Rotimi “Rain”

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 3, 2009

Now I’m no meteorologist, but I can tell you with certainty that it’s been raining; HARD. If i’m not mistaken, June 21st was the official start of summer, which was supposed to be the beginning of a steady stream of vibrant sun, dry land, and wonderful trips to the beach. Well on the East (East Trenton, NJ to be exact) which does include North/South Jersey, NY and Philly, weather I can also vouch for, we’ve been seeing humidity and rainfall. Over here we constantly see clear mornings, turned to cloudy afternoons, transformed into tropical rain storm evenings, this ruins pre-made plans and party nights: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and even Sundays for the grown folk.

2 nights ago in particular I fell asleep (late as usual) to the thunder, lightning, and pouring rain. Yesterday I got up to take my pops somewhere around 7 am, I guess the rain was tired, so it slowed down to a drizzle. When I woke up again, around 12 pm it was back to the mini-monsoon season. My brother decided to venture out into the newly formed ponds and streams on our streets. Two minutes after his departure from the house in his Saab (which sits no more than 6 inches off the ground) I got a phone call that went something like this:

Bro: Yo man, I’m stuck Me: What you mean? Stuck where? Bro: Man I’m down the street in front of the WaWa sh*t jus stopped on me, it’s smokin out the back. Me: Alright man, I’m bout to come over there.

So I hop in the truck to go help him out, and as I go up the street, I see what looked like a two laned size crockpit. I wasn’t driving through that; it was clearly what had gotten the water in his engine causing his car to smoke. So after we got his car working again, we went around the neighborhood trying to find a non-flooded route home.

So all is well, Robin Hood to the rescue right? Wrong, so we get inside and the basements flooded. So now I’m pissed, just yelling obscenities left and right, especially since my room is in the basement and I just upgraded the sound equipment in there. It took my little brother and I (since my other brother caught a ride in a more stable vehicle) 2 hours to mop and shop-vac all the water out. By the way, if you don’t have a shop vac and your basement is prone to flooding, invest in one.

The rain slowed considerably and I finally sat down, put my feet up, and turned on the tv looking for “dry” tv shows. Of course Lethal Weapon 4 had just come on TNT whose opening scene is with the guy Blow Torching the city in the pouring rain. It’s a classic (with the ‘Hong’s’) so I had to watch it despite the weather in the film matching the one outside my window.

Hit the ‘weather’ link to check out what the weather info for your region of the continental U.S.

For any more rainy days this summer, heres a song from Rotimi that always seems to make the rain so elegent: DL- Rotimi- “Rain”

Flashback:“Summer Rain”“Introducing the Sound of ‘Beautiful Music’ by Rotimi”, “Dear Summer”, “Wale – ‘Rain, Sleet, Snow'”


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