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Michael Vick to be Reinstated – By Matt White

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 2, 2009

Mike Vick is off house arrest and on probation and searching for a team to call home. The former #1 overall pick is dealing with the reality that some teams don’t need or want him. Many teams are set at the QB position, while those that aren’t don’t want to deal with the result of signing Vick.

Some may be happy that a team extends an olive branch to a man who’s seemingly lost it all. Others may be upset and potentially protest his signing.

Mike committed a crime deserving of punishment. He was made an example of and the law was heavy-handed with him. Why do some feel he isn’t worthy of a 2nd chance?

There are a plethora of Pro athletes that have committed crimes against other human beings and not suffered the way Vick has. Donte Stallworth kills a man and gets 30 days, Leonard Little the same, and now Ben Roethlisberger is accused of rape and it’s barely reported. I’m not saying it’s racially motivated, however it is unfair. Somewhere along the way, human beings elevated dogs from the status of an animal. They are somewhere n between. We can go hunting and other sports that
invole killings animals for sport but mike gets everything thrown at him for dog fighting?

The same skeptics that said the Leauge would never allow Vick to come back now claim he wasn’t that great of a QB before. Well I’ll take a guy who in 4 years went to two NFC championship games.

Boston Globe columnist once said of Tidewater products Vick and Allen Iverson “it’s not about always having sexy statistics, but it’s about winning.” Who’s better for the team: The guy with great
numbers who loses… Or the guy who’s numbers are ok but he wins!

Personally I think whatever team drafts Vick will be the better for it. He’s had two years to reflect on his past and plan where he wants to go. He has now surrounded himself with good people to watch his back for his own benefit and not for there own personal gain.

Initially, I wasn’t a fan of Emporer Goddells ruling in regards to Vick’s reinstatement. However despite the supposed ideal in America, people cannot simply pay their debt to society and resume their lives. Goddell must protect his league’s image by appeasing the masses..He can’t simply welcome mike back with open arms. Though his partial reinstatement will affect what teams look at him, I’m just happy that he’s back. Mike, people are still rooting for you, #7!!

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