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Jimmy/Drizzy: Which One is He?

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 2, 2009

Former Degrassi star Jimmy (Drake “Drizzy” Rodgers) found himself face down on stage midway through his performance in Camden, New Jersey last night. According to our folks over at TMZ Drake had been recently placed on the IR under DTD with a torn ACL. Although his doctor said he wasn’t ready to get back in the game, Drake pulled the ‘ol “Coach put me in I’m good to go” speech and sure enough was right back on the field, or stage in this case.

Apparently things were running smooth through the performance as he danced/skipped back and forth across stage. You would think he had a brand new set of legs out there. Until– from the video we see Drake at the beginning of his beloved “Best I Ever Had” segment, crowd fully energized and singing along as always. In a split second, Drake can be seen hitting the stage floor, and staying there. The crowd continued to sing along with what seems to be the most played song out, as the crew helped Jimmy, I mean Drake, from the ground and took him back stage.

Of course the show must go on, so in looking down the bench, of course they pulled the go-to player, Lil Wayne to come hype the crowd up, get Drizzy a nurse for the night from the audience, and close out the performance. This is surely a sad loss to the deep all-star lineup of the Young Money roster. Drake used his twitter to let everyone know that he’ll be having surgery this week; but he is sure to make a swift “Post-Surgery” recovery. If not, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Drake hitting the stage on wheels (not heely’s of course) as we know Jimmy was no stranger to the wheelchair on Degrassi.

Bonus: Juice x The Winner x Slow it Down


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