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Brett Favre: What’s the deal? – By Matt White

Posted by Mr. Put On on July 31, 2009

While Brett Favre holds many passing records in the National Football League record books, its one pass in particular that I don’t understand how he continues to complete it over and over.
Heres a hypothetical question for you. You are a CEO of a million dollar corporation, and one of your best, long tenured employees tells you that he’s getting up in age and he thinks he’s close to retirement. So because you need to replace his quality of work, you hire a young and talented new employee full of potential to be his heir apparent. But at the end of that year your veteran employee says he’s not sure if he is indeed ready to retire. So out of respect for th years of service, you give him a deadline to let you know. The deadline comes and goes and he’s still not sure. So you wait and wait. Until finally before the beginning of the new fiscal year starts he waits until the last minute to decide to come back. So here you are with th veteran and the new guy. Both earning big salaries but only one can handle the accounts, so the veteran get the go ahead to continue. Now imagine that scenario again for two more years! As the CEO what do you do? Keep playing the waiting game or do you make the decision for the future of the company and turn to the younger talented guy? Or do you risk angering your customers and fire the long time employee who the customers know and love? Or do you risk by letting him go to a fierce competitor where he can directly compete against your company?
That scenario is what the GM and Owners of the Green Bay Packers had to face a year ago when Brett Favre, for what seemed like the 3rd time, decided to report to Packers training camp and end his retirement. On one hand you can argue that Favre has a right to play. But on the other is it not selfish of him to expect that after months of preparation and changes that he can just take his spot back. Also isn’t selfish that he’s putting other players in situations where they are expected to just fold to his wishes? While Favre has posted big numbers during his career, won multiple MVPs and led his team to one championship, no one can hold a franchise hostage the way he had.
But what makes this worse, fast forward a year and guess what? He’s doing it again! This time he keeps flirting with returning from retirement to play the role of savior to the Minnesota Vikings. So again Favre watch is on and he’s recently said his date of a decision will be July 30th , conveniently missing OTAs and other team activities. This is the same guy who last year had his own private dressing room separate from the rest of his Jets’ teammates, skipped most of Jets training camp and other amenities that no other player had.
This is the same guy who the main stream media loves to put up on a “holier than thou” pedestal. When his father passed the night before a game and he played they praised him. When Quinn Gray went through the same ordeal, no mention made. Also when Favre played while his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, so how that only made the legend of Favre that much bigger. For years pro athletes have had to deal with family members illnesses or deaths. Maybe if the next game he played in had been the Super Bowl, I could buy into the hype. But Phil Mickelson played in a PGA Major golf tournament after his wife was diagnosed, not just some regular PGA tour stop.
I feel if a black athlete made some of the selfish acts and demands that Favre has they would be publicly criticized. There are various counts of other athletes seeking similar treatment that has been given to Favre and they are thrown under the bus.
But dont dare question the greatness of Favre. In this article from ESPN’s own Sal Paolantonio he produces the very numbers to show how over hyped Favre truly is.
However general response to this article included various excuses on why Favre under performed.
None the less this “pass” that is constantly granted to Favre just continues to amaze me. The only thing left to see is if the Vikings are just entranced with Favre has everyone else.

One Response to “Brett Favre: What’s the deal? – By Matt White”

  1. Jay C said

    This is truth. Plain and simple…. Favre gets a pass. He has made selfish and mediocre the new legendary and this article nails it. It is funny to me (a huge NBA fan) that players who actually do play their sport well and do not actually do anything detrimental to a team (A.I, Z Bo, Starbury) get labeled and black balled for scoring a lot rebounding well but are cancers and selfish because….well I have not heard a good reason yet. T O gets blamed for Dallas’ problems and he did was play his ass off and watch his QB and owner ruin the franchise. Brett Favre is supposed to be the quarterback who produced the moments that define my generation, but when I look back at the nineties all I remember is John Elway, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Browns leaving. Somebody pass the vaseline….. im hungry.Great article.

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