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"Summer Rain"

Posted by T. Adeyemi on July 9, 2009

It seems so far this summer there have been a few things that have been constants. One being that every other day it seems another big move or trade is made amongst the NBA’s elite teams. Thus, making for One Hell of an Offseason. Or on the opposite side of the spectrum it seems there was a string of home goings called on by the LORD. First, Ed McMahon, then Farrah Fawcett, next the King of PoP himself, and then Billy Mays all left the world of the living one after another.

Its saddening to think that so many small tragedies have hit not only the United States, but the entire world this summer. But probably the most disheartening aspect of this summer has to have been the WEATHER. For most of us on the east coast very few days have gone by this summer without some sign of precipitation. And even though it may not rain throughout an entire day it still affects the mood of everyone to look outside and see those tears of GOD coming down.As the end of June came I thought to myself it truly has rained in the New England area all but 6 days out of this month. How do I know? Well, I did take an astronomy class in high school; but really I just kept track. All this rain I’m sure has ruined plenty of guy’s “get away from the wife” time on the golf course. And I’m sure plenty of BBQ’s were either postponed or brought inside. Or as my grandfather complained, “All this rain got my garden looking like the Florida Keys.”

In an effort to not allow the sight of rain on a daily basis bring my spirits down I’ve decided to embrace it’s appearance. So I figured what better way to embrace the rain then with a little rain dance? No, actually more like a rain song, which happens to be one of my all-time favorite songs by a group that exemplified what it meant to make timeless music.

With that being said I bring to you an oldie but goodie, better yet a true classic from those five guys that gave life to probably the greatest music movie ever, The Temptations. Watch the symmetry and crispness of the dance moves as one half of “The Voices” David Ruffin leads out on this ballad. If its going to rain, why not find the good in it instead of allowing it to damper your mood.

I know to you it might sound strange,
I wish it would rain (oh how I wish that it would rain)

“Be Real, be True, Keep it 100”


One Response to “"Summer Rain"”

  1. DAMN GOOD POST if I must say so myself. This summer has been crazy to say the least.

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