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Mario feat. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett – "Break Up" (Video)

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 9, 2009

Excuse the language in the upcoming sentence. Time is a muthaf*cka.

Had my life been on the line four years ago pending on the question “would Gucci Mane ever do songs with mainstream R&B artists?”, I would have comfortably answered “hell no”. Needless to say had that happened, not only would I have been dead and gone (no T.I./Timberlake), but more importantly, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. In cases such as this, we all win.

Mario’s fourth album, And Then There Was Me, is set to drop in September.

Flashback: Mario’s Underrated…For Real | Mario feat. Ludacris–Spectacular (prod. by Jim Jonsin) | Mario feat. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett–Break Up | Mariah Carey feat. Gucci Mane–Obsessed (remix)

Bonus: Mario–Human Nature (cover over John Mayer guitar solo)


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  1. DottaPutUOn said

    This Joint is a CERTIFIED HIT! Although, I dunno who told Mario to go with the chemo look, but I’ll hit him on Twitter and find out whats the deal with that.

    And secondly, is it me or does this seem like a 3 person collabo then featuring Sean Garrett & Gucci?

    Lastly, What is the deal with all the NuVo promotions going on? Did they sponsor this video or something? I mean Damn

  2. TiMiD said

    allllll very valid points from above….but ummmmmm wat about home girl that plays the love interest?!?!!?

  3. TiMiD said

    allll VERY good points from my man about, but ummmm wat abou the girl that plays the love interest?!!?

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