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"Getting Rid Of The Evidence…"

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 9, 2009

It happened to Jordan.

It happened to Kobe.

Call it “protecting their investment”, but for whatever reason Nike had a padlock on the footage that shows Xavier sophomore, Jordan Crawford, dunking on LeBron James. And quite frankly, my life has been a living hell ever since.

Since the news broke yesterday regarding the alleged posterization (if that’s even a word), my phone and Twitter has been flooded nonstop with jokes, disses and everything in between regarding arguably my favorite athelte, LeBron James. What’s Nike’s response to mini-controversy you ask? Simple, it’s always been procedure to never tape the pick up games at the basketball camp, or so they say.

“Nike has been operating basketball camps for the benefit of young athletes for decades and has long-standing policies as to what events are open and closed to media coverage. Unfortunately, for the first time in four years, two journalists did not respect our no videotaping policy at an after-hours pickup game following the LeBron James Skills Academy,” Nike spokesman Derek Kent said on Wednesday.

Ryan Miller, who videotaped the dunk and had his tape confiscated, detailed the events to

“[Nike Basketball senior director Lynn Merritt] just said, ‘We have to take your tape,’ ” Miller said. “They took it from other guys, too.”

Now the debate strikes around Nike and LeBron and who is actually barring the tape from leaking. Crawford on the other hand, while excited, simply just kept playing.

“We just went on playing,” Crawford said Wednesday. “It was exciting just to be playing on the same court as him. I can see why he is so great at what he does.”

In an interview on ESPN First Take on Thursday, Crawford said he didn’t realize the magnitude of his feat until he noticed the reaction of other players at the camp.

As for the tape not being available for public viewing, Crawford said: “It’s really not a big deal to me.”

Way to keep your cool in front of the camera young man. I respect his demeanor, but it doesn’t take rocket scientist to know  as soon as the games were over a mass text was sent to everyone in his phone detailing about his feat. Being the LeBron fan that I am, even I want to see the footage.

Maybe then everyone will get off my back.


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  1. The King is turning into a Diva of sort and its sad.. be a man and let the world see the tapes..

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