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"The Gang's All Back…"

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 8, 2009

The alarm is already set for Sunday night at 10:30 for the season six premiere of the one of the best shows on television. With Turtle finding himself an ol’ lady, Vince still hooking up with everything with two legs and female reproductive part in Hollywood and Ari still willing cuss anyone out at the drop of a time, this looks to be quite the season.

As an added bonus, several big names including Lil Wayne, LeBron James and Andrew Bynum are all slated to check in at some point.

While I wait patiently for Sunday, check out College Humor’s depiction on the upcoming season.


No Responses Yet to “"The Gang's All Back…"”

  1. Mr. Put On said

    AWW MAN!!! i can’t wait!!!

  2. TiMiD said

    you kno something, i have never watched Entourage?! ok i lie once..i guess i need to go to Blockbuster …

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