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Rotimi – Update

Posted by Mr. Put On on July 6, 2009

Once again, I’d like to introduce myself, Mr. Put On aka Liad Put U On. I like to think that my purpose in my posts is to put “the people” (you) on to someone or something that has a lot of promise and shows major potential to becoming a household name. Previously my man T. Adeyemi introduced you to Rotimi, an up and coming R & B artist who graces us with “Beautiful Music” and whose potential seems limitless at the moment. Recently his facebook fan page surpassed 5,000 fans having been up only a month he’s looking to get 10K by August. The single “Beautiful Music” is hitting radio stations near you so you can start calling in and requesting. Here’s an exclusive video update from the Future of R&B himself:

FlashBack: Introducing the Sound of “Beautiful Music” by Rotimi


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