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"These B*tches Want Me Like A Wedding Ring…"

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 5, 2009

I often flashback to the summer of 2007 because it ranks as arguably the best period of my life thus far. Earlier that spring I crossed Alpha, was living in my own apartment and somehow I managed to pull of a 3.8 GPA during my hardest semester of college. The bad times were null-in-void because as the months of May, June, July and August rolled by, so did the memories. Come to think of it, sleeping was a minimum. Between the partying, other activities I won’t mention and class, there wasn’t much time for the body to regenerate itself.

The music was excellent, too. During the summer of ’07, one artist reigned supreme, at least in my neck of the woods. Similar to how Gucci is now, Weezy dominated EVERY vehicle within a 50 mile radius. Females had his mixtapes and knew every word and males quoted his verses as gospel. As with a tow truck near a college campus everyday, one could expect a new song, freestyle and/or feature daily from the man who was on the cusp of what would eventually make him the most popular rapper on the planet.

As a graduate of HU and one of its most known musical connoisseurs (at least I like to think), the ability of the school to turn a song that would NEVER appear on the radio into a campus wide anthem ceased to amaze me.

Take “Ask Them Hoes” for example.

Weezy’s 18-wheeled concert series was an internet sensation, leaving everyone, especially me, fiending for the records that were played during these viral clips. With each blunt burned and alcohol-influenced cup consumed, it was clear to see that between the drugs and inhibitions, Weezy had some sh*t in the stash (and still does). By far, the above clip was the most popular because of the catchy tune that it harbored. For the remainder of the summer, this clip was in rotation in every apartment. It was an HU summer anthem, to say the least.

Returning to school in the fall of 2007 also marked the leaking of the actual record. By Halloween, everyone in the student center (employees too) knew every word. It was a magical time, one I often flashback too sitting bored in an office or in a nightclub watching everyone rap the words as if everyone had the clout the song suggested.

Either way, it’s fun taking a trip down memory lane at times.

DL: Lil Wayne–Ask Them Hoes


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  1. YM said

    Haha not in my car its Songz, and Drake mostly………….

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