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"Hear Me Out…"

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 5, 2009

Industry Rule #361–Never believe a rapper when the word ‘retirement’ is mentioned (or Brett Favre).

Before clicking away from this site at the first glance of a Bow Wow-related post, hear me out. Even though I respect all the money young Shad Moss has made throughout his decade long career, outside of a few songs, his music has never really been my fancy. Couple that with his antics over recent years, and the self-proclaimed “Prince of the O-Town” really doesn’t rank high on my list.

After proclaiming his last album, New Jack City II, his last, J.D.’s protege’ may be rethinking the statement after seeing how poorly the release did on the charts. To his credit, these songs may be older, non-album material, but the shots at the record label tend to point otherwise. And for what it’s worth, “Go Harder” and “I Know I’m The Sh*t” aren’t bad efforts at all, if I must say so myself.

DL: Bow Wow–I Know I’m The Sh*t

DL: Bow Wow–Go Harder

DL: Bow Wow–S.Y.M. (So You Mad?)

Flashback: Bow Wow–Pole In My Basement (Video) | “All Bark, No Bite?” | “Bow Wow & Soulja Boy: How Cars Wrecked A Friendship” | Bow Wow & Soulja Boy Squash Beef Over Phone (Full Audio) | Bow Wow feat. Johnta Austin–You Can Get It ALL (Video)


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  1. YM said

    His new album got leaked like a whole year in advance………

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