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Enter The Dru…Again

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 5, 2009

Unless you have an undeniable classic(s) under your belt, there is always a need to re-invent yourself, and even then the process beckons for even the most established of artists. With 2009 officially dubbed as “the year of the hip-hop rookie”, the same must also be said for superstars of yesteryear attempting to jump on the pattywagon of success again.

With Pastor Murda Mase leaving the congregation for the recording booth (again), another late ’90’s sensation, Dru Hill, seems to be on the road to redemption. Years removed from giving up hope of ever seeing a Jodeci reunion, this may be the next best thing. In an effort to avoid a potential thesis paper on the anthems these guys created during my middle and high school years, I’ll end this post now.

For the record, I just hope this stunt isn’t pulled again.

DL: Dru Hill–Away

DL: Dru Hill–Ain’t No Call


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  1. D Dotta said

    Yo was that breakup a true “stunt” or were they serious? Cause that scuffle in the radio station sure looked FAKE to me? A Dru Hill insider please let me know.

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